For the past four years, I have been privileged to benefit from Monique’s excellent yoga/Pilates instruction as well as from her health and wellness tips, strategies and recommendations. Monique draws upon her extensive and varied knowledge, experience and expertise to offer her clients personalized and exceptional service. Monique has helped me reassess and overhaul my diet and exercise routine incorporating several changes with great results and satisfaction. I value Monique’s input greatly as she positively impacts my life and all those she serves. ~ Mary

Monique Story is a great personal trainer. She is dedicated to her profession and committed to helping you achieve your goals. The first thing she asked me is “what do you want to achieve”. Based on my goals and deadline for achieving them she created a routine for me. Every couple of weeks she would add more and more and the combination was working. She stressed the importance of three main things and how they complement each other: the cardiovascular workout, the core workout and the weights workout. Within the 4 weeks I noticed results and she made it a point to congratulate me on my achievement. She also stressed the importance of diet, how that complements the exercise program and gave me information on how to eat healthier. What I really like about Monique is the way she encourages you to not give up, to keep focused on your goals when you think you can’t do one more exercise and gives you that high five when you have completed that day’s program. If you want results I highly recommend you train with Monique Story. ~ Charlie

I’ve had the pleasure of working out with Monique for over three years now.  Monique is the most caring, attentive, positive, professional and knowledgeable trainer that I’ve worked with.  She pushes me to be better and never stops caring about my results.  Through hectic work schedules, travel and health issues Monique always balance her schedule to be available for me.  She wants to see my success and good health (sometimes even more than I do J  ).  She is continuously growing as a trainer and never stops learning all that she can about ways she can be more helpful to her clients.  Monique takes her work very seriously and is very good at making her clients feel important.  There have been many times that I’ve come to Monique with an achy back, knee or hip and by the time I leave I am feeling better.  In addition to being a great trainer, she is also a good healer.  She knows what to stretch or work on to remedy aches and pains.   Monique always gives her whole self to her client. In addition to this, she also wants to see all members do well.  If someone isn’t doing a machine right, she takes the time to explain it to them so that they do not injury themselves.   In the past, many trainers would turn a blind eye to this, as to not get involved, but not Monique.  She takes ownership and puts herself out there in an effort to make all things good.   Monique is down to earth and really takes to heart her client’s goals into consideration.  She sets realistic expectations and works diligently to get her client there.  She knows how to push just the right amount and she is always supportive and involved. Gina

Since I started working out with you 1-1/2 to 2 years ago, I have really felt the improvement in my physique, strength, and endurance.    And this is only doing one workout of 50 minutes a week–which is amazing! Not only am I energized to do more, I also feel good about my body.    Your workouts are always so entertaining.    We never do the same things over and over and I am never bored.   For someone like me who bores easily, you are perfect for me.    I also like the way you coax me into doing more than I think I can do and yet you are never Ms. Drill Seargeant.    You just have a way of letting me know I need to do more to get in shape.  I am totally enjoying the variety of workouts you offer–pilates, yoga, aerobic, strengthening, and water aerobics.    There isn’t a workout you don’t know. Thank you for all of your diligence and care in making sure I am always safe and not injured as a result of my exercises.    You are a gem! Anna

Monique has helped me improve my nutritional choices.  She gave me keen advice on how to make healthy food selections for myself and my family.  It has made a tremendous impact on keeping an ideal weight and obtaining higher energy levels. I enjoy running several times a week and Monique instructed me to pair my meals and snacks with a protein, fruit or vegetable selection.  I’m confident this has boosted my performance and stamina throughout my runs and daily routine. Kellee